Exclusive Interview of Famous Singer Annie Khalid with Fashion Central

Noor-ul-ain AKA Annie khalid is a name that needs no introduction in the Pakistan music industry. A very talented superstar born in East London with a passion for music and is taking lead in Music within Pakistan. Starting her career in 2005 by a song called “Mahiya”, Annie has gained immediate fame due to her melodious voice and unique personality. She was made a good will ambassador of the INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS and was the first artist to be featured in the renowned fashion magazine “LOOK”. Rumors have it that talks are in process with the BBC for a documentary on Annie’s lifestyle and offers are coming in from not only Bollywood but also Hollywood. Annie has also worked with renowned indian cinema directors Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt, her single Mahiya was used for their movie Awarapan, which consequently gained her more fame and fan following. Besides singing, Annie has been doing modeling as well. She walked at the 2010 L’Oréal Karachi fashion week for BNS couture and in 2011 for Ammar Belal. 


Annie Khalid

1. How did you get in to music?

Well it was all by chance. I released Maahiya and it became kind of like an overnightsuccess. Within a short span of time I somehow created a strong fan base who started expecting more music from me so I guess I was kind of thrown into music.

2. What does music mean to you?

Music means everything. Music is my drug of choice. Music is inspiration. It’s my escape. It’s my reality.

3. For our readers please share your career profile with us?

Well I started off in late 2005 with my debut single Maahiya. I soon started performing various concerts all across Pakistan and endorsing some very high profile brands. I have performed in a lot of countries abroad including UAE, USA, UK, Norway and many others. I have collaborated with a lot of international artists including DJ Jules, Beenie Man, Rishi Rich and Norwegian boy band A1.

4. Does anyone else in your family sing?

No one in my family sings besides me. I come from a family of doctors and engineers.

5. Tell us about any upcoming tracks in 2014?

To start off with I have my first single Tharki Saala coming out very soon. It’s a very fun non serious song about perverted men. Then right after that I have Party Kar Lo which features Ahsan Parvez Mehdi with me. There are a lot of other collaborations too which I will be releasing this year. 2014 is going to be a very exciting year.

6. Who is your musical inspiration? Your mentor?

I think my mentor would definitely be my teacher Ustad Rustam Fateh Ali Khan. He always guides me and gives me really good advice.

7. Where do you see your future in music?

I am not thinking about the future right now. I am just doing what I feel like and what my fans want. Rather than thinking about the future, I’m just going with the flow.

8. What do you consider as being a threat in the music world that makes you sometimes seriously question being a part of it?

Nothing has really ever caused me to question being a part of the music industry.

9. Which music band you like the most?

I like a lot of bands. I really admire bands like Strings and Overload.

10. Do you think any other singer can copy you?

I think we can all try to copy each other in a positive way as inspirations.

11. Who do you think of as your competitor in the music industry?

I don’t see anyone besides myself as my competitor in the industry right now. I am my biggest competition and I am my biggest critic.

12. Any advice for emerging musicians and singers?

I just say keep your parents in the loop and get their blessings before doing anything. It’s a very cut throat business so it’s best to have as much support as you can have from the background.

13. 3 hidden secrets behind your success that your fans don’t know about?

I don’t have any hidden secrets. I’m like an open book. I have always been very vocal about how I got in the business and how I became successful. I think it’s because of my parents, my hard work and my intentions. There is no secret in that.

14. What does Pakistani music mean to you and where do you see it in the future?

Pakistani music is getting bigger and better. The time is perfect. There is such a variety of musicians and artists. I think for me it means my career, my future, my present and my past. I think it means everything to me.

15. Describe Annie Khalid in three words?

Annie Khalid is spontaneous, ambitious and adventurous. 

16. How do you deal when faced with criticism by fans?

I take criticism by fans very seriously. I think fans have opinions that really do count especially when it comes to singing. They point out directions where I want to be going and where they want to see me going so it’s all very reflective.

17. CD you played in the car and sung to?

Honey Singh’s Blue Hai PaaniPaani.

18. Favorite hobby?


19. Last thing you’d do if the world ended tomorrow?

I would go back to London and be with my parents.

20. Last awkward moment?

Bumping into this friend at a party in another city who I had been avoiding seeing.

21. Any celeb crushes?;)

Tyson Beckford! OMG!!!

22. Where would you most like to perform?

I would love to perform on an island like Maldives. That would be awesome.

23. Do you play any instruments?

I can play the keyboard, I can play the harmonium. I kind of dabble a bit in these…I’m not the best but I can play, get my chords right so it works for me.

24. What genre of music can’t you stand listening to?

I just can’t stand listening to heavy metal. It gives me a migraine.

25. If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing? 

I think I would be a child psychologist.

26. Anything you want to share or make clear to your fans about your married life and scandals surrounding it?

I was married and it was like the hundreds of marriages that happen every day. This particular one did not work out. It’s a shame but I think this is a part of life and you have to move forward. It’s all in the past and I’m just moving on to bigger and better things now. I would like to thank all my fans for their love and support.

The Famous singer Annie Khalid has recently given interview to Fashion Central in which she talked about her life and upcoming tracks.

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