Fahad Hussayn Exclusive Interview with Fashion Central

Fahad Hussayn is now safely amongst the list of those young designers who not only have a lot of potential but also a lot of promise for the future of our industry.

1. Please share with us your career profile?

I started off pretty early and discovered my flare for style and making fashion statements out of everyday ordinary wearables.  However I found out that having a natural talent is not enough until and unless it’s honed and nurtured properly. After graduation from BNU as a textile major, and a journey of self learning I opened my atelier three years ago. After a year in the making I was discovered as the best upcoming talent in the eighth Lux Style Awards which proved to be an instant hour of recognition where everybody finally stood and started noticing my work. These days I am stocking up at Labels, Fashion Pakistan Lounge, L’atelier, the design emporium at Ammar Belal and various International outlets.

2. The business cycle is not easy to endure, especially for newcomers. Can you name a Guru who guided you?

Yes it is not easy but at the end of the day the real fruits of hard labor can only be enjoyed by those who have a true and genuine claim to it.  There were many godfathers of fashion whom I met on the journey of self discovery but mostly it is by self learning and a trial an error method that the achievement can be made. Maram and Aabroo have always been a constant support throughout my career so far, Rizwan Beyg has helped me a lot generously so have a lot of other friends like Adnan Pardesy and Fayez Agariah– I consider myself very lucky that way I’m blessed with a very strong support system .

3. How do you choose the fabrics and related accessories?

I have a research team, which works on the identified and pre discussed themes. The fabrics and related accessories must compliment the idea and the ambience the outfit is going to exude. However, I do feel that we have to make do-with-whatever-choices we have available in our local markets for the dress to have market affordability.

4. When you see your dresses looking good on an individual, how do you feel?

Absolute pleasure and an unbelievable sense of satisfaction! It is mostly a labor of love from the minute the idea is conceived onwards.

5. In case of a dissatisfactory customer, do you accept criticism; ever lose your temper?

I used to have such cases in the initial stages of my career, back then I myself was learning,
I used to take care of them until they were satisfied, now sometimes it happened that some clients are just impossible they pretend that they not happy to either get more work done or some other reason so mostly I tend to ignore and accept criticism as long as it’s fair, and I lose temper very easily

6. Please share with us the highs and lows of your commercial career?

What thrills you?

7. Pakistan made textiles; do you accept the quality of the cloth?

With cottons yes definitely!- we are producing some of the best cotton and lawn around the globe.


1. Your competitors in business, are they a threat?

I believe in healthy competition– everyone has a something different to offer- and when a client wants you they want you- threats are for insecure people – not my thing".

2. Ever consider changing your line of business?

Never- I love my job!

3. Are you training people eager to learn?

I always do and I never say no to help anyone who wants to learn about fashion and its trade.


1. How do you see your work, five years from now?

Better I suppose!!- And I’d like to see it Paris for sure!

2. The current state of economy, Is it bothering your plans?

Yes it is- any decline in the economy affects our business directly because we sell luxury. When people can’t afford to buy it directly affects the business and the plans off course.

3. Pakistan’s image abroad, certainly top designers like you can help to improve it?

We can, we do and there is so much that only fashion can do for Pakistan’s image– We as a nation need to become stronger, and help each other in improving our image as a nation and as a country.

Fahad Hussayn is now safely amongst the list of those young designers who not only have a lot of potential but also a lot of promise for the future of our industry.

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