Nawazuddin Siddiqui Breaks Silence On Ex-wife’s Claims says Aaliya ‘only wants money’

After accusations made against him by his ex-wife Aaliya Siddiqui, actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has spoken out. On Monday, Nawazuddin posted a message to Instagram. “This is not an allegation but expressing my emotions,” he said in the post’s caption. The actor claimed that certain individuals relish “character assassination on the basis of one-sided and edited films” against him.

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Moreover, Nawazuddin asserted that Aaliya “just wants more money,” adding that “it’s her habit”. Aaliya is “doing all this to just blackmail me, damage my character, her desire to destroy my career, and to satisfy her unlawful demands,” he continued. The actor said that he and Aaliya were no longer together.

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As per Nawazuddin, “For my silence, I am viewed as a horrible man everywhere. I have remained silent since my little children would read all of this tamasha (show) someplace. A lot of people are enjoying my character assassination on the basis of skewed and one-sided films on social media, in the press, and elsewhere. There are a few things I want to say, starting with the fact that Aaliya and I haven’t been together in a while. We are divorced, but we absolutely had an arrangement that solely applied to our children.”

He went on, “2. Does anyone know, why my kids are in India and not attending school for 45 days, whereas the school is sending me notes every day saying it’s been too lengthy an absence. My children have been held captive for the last 45 days and are losing out on their education in Dubai. 3. She left the children in Dubai for the previous four months before phoning them to demand money. Prior to relocating to Dubai with my children, she received an average salary of 5-7 lakhs per month, ignoring school costs, medical expenses, travel expenses, and other extracurricular activities.”

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