Nida Azwer talks to Fashion Central

1. Kindly tell us something about yourself?

I graduated from the Indus valley in December 2005 with a distinction and started working right after. I was nominated for the best emerging talent at the Lux style awards in 2008. I love traveling, antiques, artifacts and fine cuisine. And I love spending my free time with family and close friends.

2. The business you are in is full of challenges, do you feel you have been able to cope with them?

Challenges are a part of everyday life, be it work or otherwise. I strive to keep a positive attitude through life and keep moving forward. Luckily by the grace of God, all has been good- hope it stays like that!

3. Designers normally win over minds and hearts do you agree with this?

Of course, provided the designer is of an amiable disposition and makes gorgeous clothes! I don’t see why not…

4. What are the major ingredients of your brand?

Finely handcrafted outfits, where close attention in detailing, finishing and pure fabric. One can walk into the studio and find a range of styles from prêt wear to couture and bridals.

5. In pursuing your goals what difficulties have you come across both from the angle of technology and resources?

Everything in my place is very carefully handcrafted, so I don’t really require new technology; though in this day and age it’s difficult to get hold of good craftsmen, so I’m always on the look out for them.

As far as the recourses are concerned, I was lucky enough for my parents to get me a place and as far running it is concerned I have been managing it on my own for sometime now.

6. Any difficulties that you consider insurmountable?

No not really…I think every problem or difficulty has a solution.

7. Now that so many people look up to you for desire fulfillment, do you think you are always able to succeed?

I try my best to accommodate anyone desiring to wear my outfits. Whether it’s the outfit, the deadlines or the over all experience.

8. Any dress created by you that stands out in terms of excellence?

I give equal importance and time to every outfit I make, be it from the prêt line, couture or bridal. I can not make myself put an outfit on the rack till I’m completely satisfied, so it’s very difficult for me to discern just one.

9. Have your parents been an inspiration for you in achieving all this success?

Yes! of course. I really look up to them. They have been my source of inspiration and have supported me through out.

10. Has your family life been affected by your career?

No, not at all.

11. Along the way, have you been successful in developing a team?

Yes I have…I started working with very few craftsmen and now I have a team with in house dying, printing, tailors and craftsmen.

12. Where do the ideas flow from; self thinking or watching competitors and tracking their creations?

My ideas come from my surroundings. It could be something that inspired me on my holidays or an antique rug or some piece of textile…I love old architecture, flowers and plants.

13. Any of your work that has helped to improve the image of Pakistan?

My fashion show consisted of such an eclectic range of outfits, it shows how Pakistani fashion has evolved to include trendy western wear and experimenting with new and unusual cuts, while keeping equal focus on traditional wear. It shows the world the wide range of ways our local crafts can be used.

14. Is it possible for designers to reach out to Pakistani on the street?

Yes of course it is possible. Production would have to be on a large scale to bring the costs down and an average Pakistan would be able to afford a designer outfit.

15. Five years from now, where do you expect to be? 

Five years is a long time and I have lots of goals. At the moment I’m taking one day at a time.

My ideas come from my surroundings. It could be something that inspired me on my holidays or an antique rug or some piece of textile. I love old architecture, flowers and plants.

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