Saba Ghauri of Enchanted Jewels talks to Fashion Central

Saba Ghauri of Enchanted Jewels is delighted to be showcasing at Easy, Breezy Chic, Lahore’s most awaited exhibition being held on 13th October at Sukh, Chayn Health and Wellness Club. Saba Ghauri will be showcasing her latest collection which is fashion-forward, cutting-edge and extremely innovative.

Q1. What was the inspiration for your wedding and engagement collection?

Ans: Insipiration has no one reason Bridal/ Engagement Jewellery which basically comprises of Gold Plated as well as American Diamond Pieces is the answer to todays increasing demand for Gold/ Diamond Substitute. This level of investment allows the designers to come up with creative designs and ideas at all times…rathar than being overly careful  incurring heavy costs on Precious Metals / Stones ( Gold, White Gold, Platinum, Diamonds). The Excitement in creating such pieces is immense as they look so close to the real ones My American Diamonds actually spark more than my personal Diamond Jewellery, alongside the perfect finish!

Q2.What gives you the most pleasure in your (enviable) career as a jewelry designer?

Ans: I Guess its not just about being a "Jewellery designer" being creative with an eye for fashion has always been a part of my life from daily clothing /shoes/hair/ makeup/ home interior. I guess my entire life itself has been designed by myself. It gives me great pleasure to be able to do that and see the outcome of my hard work in all aspects of my life

Q3. How is wedding jewelry different from other wear?

Ans: Wedding Jewellery is one that comes with a lot of weight and character. It differs from others and its always a lot more heavier, more rich and comes with our traditional jewellery peices (teeka, Matha Patee, Saharas) that you won’t see in any other form of jewellery. Its defientely the best part about my business as the customer can save quite a few lakhs yet come out looking like a royal princess !

Q4.What makes engagement jewelry different?

Anis: Opinion on Engagement Jewellery differs from customer to customer. For me it should be minimalistic, delicate and very wearable even in the long run. American Diamonds is at the top of the list for Engament Jewellery as it gives the required Spark yet the subtle sweet look that an engaged bride requires.

Q5. How often do you release new collections?

Ans: I Release new collection on facebook almost every day! My customers this way are always intuned to new trends and offers at all times. I have a huge clientele that actually purchases from my facebook page catering to their everyday needs is one of the highlights of my day

Q6.Which is your favorite material to work with?

Ans: it will have to be my Pearl Statement Necklaces collection as its the most different and unique collection in all of Pakistan. Its created from all semi precious stones and is completely hand made something that makes heads turn!!!

Q7.What are the current trends in wedding and engagement jewelry?

Ans: Current Trends, Big Bulky and Shiny has been out since a while! Antique Finish be it kundan, polki or just an all Gold Set with semi precious stones is what looks the most cultural Rich and Ethinic. I am a very traditional person at heart thats why for the Main wedding day I would love to see a bride in a Sathlara ( Seven Strings Necklace) and a Choker with a Matha Patee and maybe even a bazu band! For the Valima I Would suggest my American Diamond Bridal Set. These are very classy and sophisticated with all the added bling! Add a teeka to the luscious necklace and earrings and Voila you’ll have a Princess from a fairy tale!

Q8.What is your favorite colors to work with?

Ans: Nowadays I m crazy about Royal Blue, The stone this color is called " Lapis" . Be it Gold Plated Jewellery American Diamonds or my Pearl Collection…this deep shade of Blue has really caught my eye

Q9. How would you define your personal style?

Ans: My personal style is what makes me feel comfortable fresh and a little different from the usual stuff thats available. It dosent  have to be from the most expensive brands limited edition it can be any piece of clothing or accessory that i havent seen on the street yet further more it has to go with my Personality!

Q10. Do you prefer sketching designs or actually constructing them?

Ans: I’ve been sketching/ creating/ imagining designs in mind since I was a child when I need to do it for work there’s not much thinking required as I just pick up any one design that I’ve been dreaming off since soo many years and incorporate that into my jewellery!

Q11. When did you realize you wanted to become a Jewelry designer?

Ans: I’ve been designing since the age of 13 it started from Hand painted Fabric then clothes and eventually jewellery. I would still love to design clothes and i do at times but being a mother of two with a large extended family its just a much bigger responsibility knowing our Pakistani Females. Jewellery on the other hand dosent need alterations hehe fits everybody. There  is no fuss about matching materials dying fitting tailoring and at the same time it gives the same kind of self satisfaction as far as the creative aspects concerned.

Q12. How does designing jewelry differ from designing clothes?

Ans: Apart from all the hassle of creating clothes the design factor is almost the same from Color combinations to different Cuts, Lengths, Embellishments its all the same If you have a good mind for Art all kinds of designing just falls in place!

Q13.How long does it usually take you to construct a piece?

Ans: Constructing a Particular Piece can take upto 2 days if all material is available in stock. However as we work on multiple pieces at one time a single batch might take from 2 to 4 weeks

Q14. What is the most difficult aspect of running your own label versus i.e. design, production, sales, finance, and advertising?

Ans: The most difficult aspect about running a business in today’s world is the branding part. Knowing myself I m not a brand conscious person i wear whatever looks good  is different with good finish but due to globalization big brands with heavy marketing budgets have changed the mind set of our community. Consumers dont care much about the product anymore versus the Brand name. As long as they are carrying a well known name thats all that matters….this is a challenge all designers are facing.Its a negative as it consumes our thoughts more on marketing rather than the design/quality factor!

Q15. Do you feel your formal education has helped you designing jewelry?

Ans: I have done my BSc from London School of Economics Majoring in Economics and Management. It surely has helped me out a lot as i can now run the entire show myself from design/ production/ marketing/ Sales. There is just one downside haha which is I dont expect anyone to do the job for me better than myself!

Q16. How is your jewelry different from other brands?

Ans: My jewellerys different as it portrays my style and what i perceive to be beautiful and fashionable. You will not find loud and flashy pieces in my store even if they ever come back into fashion! I want my customers to stand out be different and most importantly get value for money!

Q17. Where do you see Enchanted Jewels in the near future?

Ans: Enchanted Jewels is a Brand that will always want to give a very personalized feel to its customer and in order to that I will never want it to become a commercial brand love the way its running right now where  have a very close relationship with all my customers, its a great feeling!

Q18. What is your advice for the newcomers in the fashion world?

Ans: For all the newcomers in the world of fashion KEEP IT REAL! Donot fall into the rat race follow your dreams create spectacular pieces and the business will follow.

Q19. Your advice on what to wear this Winter/fall season?

Ans: The Colour for this FAll is " PLUM" its right in between a purple and mahogony all the top leading international brands have come up with Plum accessories this season so match it up neutral tones.

Q20. Your message for the readers?

Ans: My msg for all readers is to be True to yourself and others, live and love life and always think outside the box. Ttheres a whole different world out there!

Saba Ghauri of Enchanted Jewels opens up her love for gold and diamond jewellery in an exclusive interview with Fashion Central.

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