Sana and Fakher’s Wedding

So, finally the love story ended up like a fairy tale, in the heavenly marriage knot! Yes, we are talking about none other than Lollywood’s Top actress and model Fakher Imam – the two love birds who recently tied the heavenly marriage knot in a star-studded wedding.
The much hyped wedding of film actress Sana was one momentous moment with Lollywood’s leading ladies were seen together after a considerable time. Anyone who was anyone was seen to be present   at this much talked-about wedding ceremony. A number of film stars and celebrities were gathered under one roof to wish best wishes to the bride and the groom, since such events have apparently become too rare with so many stars to be witnessed together.
In the swarm of so many VIPs, Punjab Governor Salman Taseer’s presence seem to have captured the spotlight. Also, among other prominent figures, Noor, who happens to be Sana’s first cousin, Babra Sharif,Reema, Resham, Laila, Khushbu, Meera, Sangeeta, Shan, Moamar Rana, Afzal Khan’the famous Johan Rambo’ and his wife Sahiba were also present. With so many couples present, a popular film duo – Syed Noor and Saima were missing at the wedding scene, making people wonder what possible could be the reason. Hmmmm…
Dressed in a beautiful dress designed by Arun Zafer, a designer from Lahore, the bride was looking fabulous. Since, Sana was interested in a rather new and completely different look, so she opted for Akif Ilyas of Karachi. He flew in from Karachi for the wedding to cater to Sana’s desire of a practically unique persona for this one-shot occasion. However, as the rumors follow, Sana looked quite untraditional – giving not the conventional mannerism which a bride follows. Bejeweled with a ‘teeka’ was very traditional, but the part where her hair should have been tied up, instead of being open and flowing long down her back, wasn’t really the traditional bride’s way. People didn’t really get this approach. Some didn’t even like the new outlook much, and went as far as saying salons in Lahore could have done a better job!
Anyhow, whether she was looking traditional or not, didn’t matter much since the couple seemed too happy to notice what worried others. Good luck to them for a new beginning!


And they lived happily ever after. YES! we are talking about none other than the latest and hottest issue in LOLLYWOOD - Film actress Sana and model Fakher's extravagant wedding.

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