Sarah Gandapur talks to Fashion Central

A designer who is bringing forth the rich and colorful, good quality esemble of Pakistan on the international front.

After graduating from the Fashion School in Lahore, Sarah brought her creative endeavors to the fore through her Sarah Gandapur Design Set Up. Seizing the moment she embarked on her pecuniary itinerary and passage to do every thing in her power to develop a blooming, blissful and contented clientele across the globe with a spotlight on the needs of eastern natives living overseas, providing them ample choices in eastern and western wear ready to wear line, eastern and western couture line and some fabulous and splendor oriented wedding gowns suited to clients demands and taste.

1. Tell us about yourself.

Based on your question, as I take a backward glance at my childhood days in Peshawar, what stands out is the awesome presence of my parents and the affection of some close relatives who were all distinguished judges or lawyers or politicians.  A Pathan, I certainly am but brought up in an environment that endowed on me the will and realization that there is a whole world of imagination and accomplishment locked away that will reveal itself as I appropriately reach out to it. And in this thought process, my Ami was a fascinating guide, a symbol, a mentor and an icon who taught me to dream and think of myself as a high achiever, never doubting success in the realms of career.

With this inspired backing, I entered the Lahore School of Fashion Design and kept myself riveted to the whole process and fashion studies and academics and all this became a personal adventure.
In the first demonstration of my skills, I did a presentation on 18th century Victorian costumes. The effort turned out to be a herculean one, yet I went through enough research and effort to demonstrate my capabilities.

And as a result I reaped the rewards. The designs became an instant success in the shape of acceptance by the well known Shah Sharabeel. I was given go ahead to produce costumes for his play THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, and suddenly, from obscurity I was propelled into a world of acclaim and lauded with praise  and  applause.

The cheers amazed me and the refreshing experience made me feel like a veteran and I began to wonder whether there was a science in the art of creating designs and there was an instant urge to repeat the feat.

2. Besides fashion designing, do you follow any other pursuits?

Yes I run a magazine; it is INFLUENCE LIFESTYLE and this too is something I relish and takes away a lot of my valuable time.

3. This means, you have an awfully tied up day.

Being organized helps a lot. I start off early in the morning, spend a couple of hours on the paper work; this is followed by sessions with the production people, the most important aspect being material selection and this is followed by focus on the exhibitions and launches that are lined up.
At the end of the day, you know you are doing what you enjoy and that’s what matters the most.

4. How did you leap into the forefront, rather swiftly?

Pardon me for a bit of self praise, but the work I did in the initial period had an innovative touch and the leading ones of the fashion world like Ather Shehzad, Tariq Amin and Hamayun appreciated the freshness in the whatever I presented. And the appreciative nods from the leaders, no doubt raised my passion pitch and good products sprang from my efforts.

5. Does than mean that these people also became your gurus?

For me, Athar Shahzad has been an inspiration. He is a person who does not believe in half measures. For him excellence in work is a living occurrence and fashion and art. Interacting with him was a hefty bonus for me and I moved forward with the addiction of his counsel.

6. What differentiates you from the others?

Simply two traits; Creativity and Passion.

7. Any institutional support on the production side.

Unfortunately no. The tailors at our beck and call are generally skilled and experienced and respond appreciably well to our requirements. Its all toil and sweat. On the technical side my sister is a big help.

8. The future, if we talk of the next five years, how do you envisage it.

I plan to seek more acceptances in markets abroad. Already I have held exhibitions in Dubai, been a part of the Arabic Fashion week, served as media partners with WBF and in Lux Style Awards in Malaysia, served on the jury panel, in fact I was the youngest ever to be selected in that celebrated role.

Much needs to be achieved in the international markets; we have to capture a big share and with our abilities and resources this is achievable.

9. Any message for the new comers.

Please don’t expect the fashion business to be all glamour. Hard work is an essential ingredient and dedicated work another. If you work to pursue, fashion designing as a career, do it with etermination and be creative and keep your curiosity aroused about new things.

A designer who is bringing forth the rich and colorful, good quality esemble of Pakistan on the international front.

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