Zara Sheikh appears in Fakhir’s New Video

It is evident that the local Pakistani Film Industry is not in a good shape these days. It is somewhere on a continuous downfall that has forced the actors to find other sources for them such as fashion, music and drama. Many actors are now seen in television dramas and music videos. The Pakistani actors have started becoming very active where music videos are concerned these days.

Film actress Resham did a music video ‘Deewanay’ for Fuzon six years ago and she has also made a comeback as an actress/model is doing a music video for Danial Arshad.

Similarly Zara Sheikh appeared in a Fuzon video ‘Khamaj’ many years ago and is now again doing a video for Fakhir. The song is called atom bomb and the video will feature Zara Sheikh in it. Along with Zara, Kiran, Jenifer and Anam also modeled in the video.

Recently Fakhir also included MahnoorBaloch in a video ‘Allah Keray’ as a comeback. But the song was a copy of Katty Perry’s hot and cold. Amna Khan directed the video.

By looking at the video stills of Fakhir’s new video with Zara one could say that the video is different and interesting. Fakhir says that there are certain songs which do not carry a lecture or a message and atom bomb is one of them. It is all about entertainment. The video is full of color and glamor. 

Zara Sheikh is doing her come back in the music industry as a model. Zara is a famous Pakistani actress who has done many films with renowned actors and actresses. She is doing a video for Fakhir.

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