Do You Really Have The Flu?

Winters does not only come with new trends and fashion but with some seasonal diseases as well such as cold, cough and flu with viral fever. It is easy to take all essential precautions rather than taking lots of medicines that can spoil taste of your taste buds and make you feel sicker.
Health care is very important that puts charm in your life and makes you feel vigorous, strong and healthy. Flu can make you feel ill for days to weeks that eventually disturb your daily life routine. It is very important to take proper treatment at primary stage when initial symptoms of flu appear such as fever, aches, cough, fatigue and even chill. Follow some healthy tips for flu that can protect you and your family from being sick and spoil all fun of winter cold days.

• Washing hand for health care

No matter what season is going on, washing hands regularly after 30 minutes is very important especially when you are suffering contagious disease like flu. Keeping your hands clean with anti-septic hand sanitizers is necessary health care to protect everyone from such respiratory illness that may lead someone to pneumonia and even hospitalization.

• Cover Yourself 

It is very important to cover your nose and mouth with a piece of handkerchief or tissue paper. It will help to protect other people from flu and also provide you clean environment that cure your flu and make you feel healthy.  Don’t forget to wrap and throw tissue paper into dust bin. If a child of age between 5- 10 years has got flu, it would be better to take leave from school for a week so that other children might not get it.

• Take Liquid Diet

Drinking lots of fluid is an important health tip for flu that will keep your body in hydrated state and also helps to release mucus. Drink at least 8 to 12 glass of water to stay healthy. For your health care it is better to limit intake of drinks such as tea, soft drinks like cola and caffeine rich products such as coffee and espresso. It is better to eat very simple food products. Eat white rice or oats and lower your spice level.

• Hot water steam 

Flu and chest infection could be cure with help of hot water stream. One may add flu spray or flu medicine in it. Mint Leave is very effective to cure flu and chest infections. You may add mint leaves in your steam water or drink it in boiling water and add some honey in it as well.

• Medicines for Flu health care

No medicine can ever cure flu but it can provide relief from pain and make you feel comfortable. It is better to take medicines for fever and aches that will improve your health very soon. If your flu remains more than a week then it may be due to bacterial infection. Take some anti-biotic as soon as possible to avoid further infections. See your doctor and ask for further help if required.

Cold season demands extra health care that saves one from many viral diseases such as cold, cough and flu. Few steps of healthy tips for flu can save you from getting sick and provide you strong health even in minus cold days.

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