6 Remedies for Dark Underarms

Dark underarms don’t just make you feel under confident but they also curtail your freedom to wear those sexy dresses you have in your wardrobe.

Armpits are usually not exposed to air and light. Sweat, deodorants, shaving and various other factors can make them dark and dull. Listed here are some treatments which will help you treat your dark underarms. 1. Use natural skin lighteners to treat your dark armpits naturally. Lighteners like lemons are great for the dark skin of your underarms. They don’t have side effects. Mix a little lemon juice and some honey and apply it on your underarms. Leave this mixture on for at least 15 minutes and then wash off. You can do this on regular basis for best results. 2. Bleach your dark underarm area with baking soda. You can apply baking soda on your armpits after taking a shower. Make sure you leave the baking soda on your underarms for at least 10 minutes. Don’t forget to dry your armpits before this treatment. 3. Mix lemon juice, cucumber juice and turmeric to make a paste. Apply this paste on your armpits, leave it on for at least 20 minutes and then wash it off. This is one of the most effective treatments which lighten your underarms, keeping them soft.

4. Make a natural underarm skin lightener by mixing some lemon juice and apple juice. You can also use white grape juice in place of apple juice. Apply this lightener to your dark underarm skin, leave it there for 20 minutes and then wash the area properly. 5. Apply apple cider vinegar everyday to the dark area. Regular use of apple cider vinegar lightens up your dark underarms. Make sure you don’t use soap in order to wash off the vinegar. You can use plain water to wash your armpits after 15 minutes of applying the vinegar. 6. Use potato and cucumber to lighten up your dark underarms. They are good natural bleachers. You can cut a potato or cucumber into slices and place one slice at a time on the dark area. You can gently rub the slice as well. You can also mix potato and cucumber juice for easy application. Along with all these treatments, you can try and take some important precautions to prevent underarm skin darkening. Avoid using deodorants having alcohol. Scrub or exfoliate your underarms gently on a regular basis. This removes dead skin cells for your armpits. It is important to use a mild talcum powder on your underarms after every bath. You can go for an antibacterial powder if your underarm skin is sensitive or if your powder causes itching
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