7 Side Effects Of Hair Dyeing

A little change in your everyday look is much appealing and appreciating. Dyeing hair is one of the coolest thing one can do to change his or her everyday look.

People get bored by looking themselves in the same look. A little change in the style and the look is great and the first thing that comes in the mind to change the look and style is changing the way your hair is. People go for a haircut or hair dye or highlights or streaks. If you don’t like your black or blonde hair you can go for a brown shade to dye your hair. Dyeing hair is fashionable and results in a classy look, but it should be kept in mind that it has some adverse effects also on your skin and even on your health. 

In this article, you will find out some side effects of hair dye so that you get yourself well prepared with the side effects of coloring your hair.

Allergy: One of the risks dyeing your hair involve some allergic reactions. The hair dye contains PPD which is a colorant is a common allergen. So when you dye your hair to hide the greys or to change your look, you are at a risk of having severe allergic reactions. The people with skin issues should refrain from dyeing their hair and also people who do not have any skin issue can also get allergies. The most common allergy symptoms include itching on the scalp, swelling in the scalp, redness, and might also effect some sensitive areas of your face and neck.

Skin Irritation: Skin irritation is another common effect of coloring your hair.  This may include the symptoms such as itching, sores, redness, burning etc. It is not necessary that every skin type has ability to endure the hair dye, some can suffer through skin irritation. So it is recommended to test a patch of your skin with the hair dye, if you do not develop any reactions within 2 or 3 days, then you can go for coloring your hair and if you notice any symptoms than do not use the product.

Discoloration of skin: Another side effect of coloring your hair is that it may cause skin discoloration. This happens using several colors and mostly using dark colors. You will find this effect more prevalent on people who have dry absorbent skin. Our skin is made up of keratinized protein due to which discoloration occurs. But you do not have to worry about this effect, because discoloration will go once the skins renews itself.

Dry and Brittle hair: Another side effect of hair dye includes the hair damage. When you color your hair more often, the chemicals present in the hair dye make you lose the texture of your hair and the shine, that ultimately results in dry and brittle hair. When your hair is exposed to the chemicals present in the hair dye it separates the moisture from your tresses and separates cuticles leaving your hair dry and damaged. And then the solution to deal with the damaged hair is that you then have to go for a haircut.

Asthma: Another and one of the serious effects of dyeing your hair is Asthma. Several studies have shown that people who have much high exposure to hair colors are at a risk of developing allergies and contract asthma. Per sulfates and ammonia are chemicals that are present in the hair dye that can cause asthma. The inhalation of these chemicals can cause many other problems like throat infection, cough etc. besides asthma attack.

Rashes: Rashes can be another side effect of dyeing your hair and it is the most common of all. It happens to some people when their skin gets in contact with the chemicals present in the hair color and it happens at the area where it is applied. So, if you feel any symptoms or irritation, immediately see a dermatologist to save yourself from any further effects.

Cancer: Another serious and threatening effect of hair dye is that it increases the risk of cancer. The PPD chemical present in the hair dye can destroy or damage the human DNA can cause cancer. But the research has faced disagreement and it is said that further research needs to be conducted before drawing any conclusion that whether the chemicals present in the hair dye are cancerous or not.

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