Beauty Resolutions for 2013

Want to look more beautiful than last year? Shape your beauty resolution 2013 like us. Follow these simple steps and look glamorous like never before. Let’s take the oath right now!

I will remove my make up every night:

If you ask any dermatologist or beauty expert, cleansing your face is important for clear and healthy skin. If face left with makeup residues, it helps build up dead skin cells that clog pores and create uneven skin surface for makeup application. Therefore, you should wash your face before going to bed or as soon as you reach home or keep face wipes in the side table to remove it at any hour of the night.

I will start using retinol:

Retinol fights against anti-aging with the help of abundant vitamin A. It is also useful against dark spots, dullness and boost collagen as a result makes skin fresh and plumper. Apply it after cleansing your face before sleeping. Remember that this Retinol is sun sensitive and should not be applied during day time, so it’s better to sleep in it for the effectiveness.

I will wear SPF daily:

Not for to forget the most important part of the Beauty resolution 2013. Wear sunscreen no matter you are inside or outside. It protects you against skin cancer, sunburns and aging too. Choose a moisturizer enriched with SPF and use regularly in the morning every day to follow your Beauty resolution 2013.

I will try new colors every month:

Don’t stick to the makeup range and shades you are using since 16. Try out new colors every month and be adventurous. Why always brown with berry and blue with silver? Go wild in your imagination and surprise everyone around. But remember the key tips of beauty resolution 2013 that use deeper shades if you have dark skin tone.

I will find my perfect blush shade:

The whole look is destroyed if you choose the wrong blush on shade. To avoid it choose pink and apricots for fair skin tones, beige-roses for medium complexions and fuchsias for dark skin tone. If we talk about types, cream blush is ideal for dry skin and powder form will be best for oily skin.

I will discover new hair trends:

Go for the hottest hair trends this season-braid. The best style is a bit messy yet stylish. The key tip is to keep them loose and soft rather tightening and pulling hair back tightly.

I will try new scents:

You may be using your favorite fragrance from last many years but trying a new one is not a bad option keeping in mind your Beauty resolution 2013. Go for Halle Berry Closer, Armani Acqua di Gioia and Chanel Allure Homme Sport and be the glamorous lady in the town.

I will stop picking:

Definitely your cuticles! The dry mascara off your eyes right after the party and zits as well. It’s not mandatory to pick everything that itch you. Right?

I will get my beauty sleep:

The rule number one is to get your beauty sleep. Restless nights will lead to leave negative effect on your health plus appearance.

New Year and fresh plans but no beauty resolutions for 2013? Think again, how confident you feel when someone admires your skin and makeup sense. So be very careful while making life style choices and shopping for your favorite and makeup trends. Be very

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