Here Come 9 New Ideas for Beauty Tips

We all want to look young, beautiful and stunning, not only on a particular event but on daily bases as well. Grooming yourself is on everyone’s wish list these days be it men or women, and we all like to get good beauty tips for our hair, nails, hands, feet, skin etc.

So here is a round up for all the new ideas for beauty tips that will make you glow from head to toes, be it the Smokey eye or the perfect curls that you fantasize about, we have here for you the most amazing and easy tips to make your day awesome and beautiful.

Long Hair:

Long hairs are considered as a sign of beauty for women so we are starting off with the most important part that is hair. Your hairs are the most exposed part of your body and obviously more exposed to heat, dust and all the impurities.

long hair

Try to cut down all the chemicals that you use for your hair, move towards the natural products. Use natural conditioners like, honey, yogurt, egg; henna along with some oiling that will improve the blood circulation in your hair scalp. Adjust your diet as your hair needs a lot of energy to grow healthy and strong.

Luscious Long Lashes:

eye lashes

Long, luscious lashes are a necessity that no one can deny. All the trends change with time, but this is something that is consistent over the years and is every girl’s fantasy so, here’s the secret to the perfect long lashes. Using natural almond oil can make your eyes lashes thicker and longer.

A good eye lasher curler is also very important while you are applying makeup. Things to avoid, never use the curler after applying mascara, use it before mascara so that you don’t damage your eye lashes.

Nail Care:


Do you have nail breakage issues? Or your nails never grow properly? This one is for you girl. Moisturizing is very important for your cuticles, as the more moisturized your cuticles would be the stronger you nail line would get. Another home remedy for strong, beautiful and shiny nails is that by applying garlic extract on your cuticles and nails, you will get the perfect nails.

How to Avoid Smudged Eye Makeup:

Smudged Makeup

Smudged eye makeup is the disaster faced by every woman while applying makeup, here is a tip to save your day. Always remove extra moister and oil from your eyes using a cotton bud or tissue. Apply a good amount to concealor, as it holds your makeup in place.



Our skin is always exposed to sun and its dangerous radiations. In order to keep your skin healthy and glow, always use sun blocks. One key point to remember, no matter how effective your sunscreen is, it doesn’t last for more than 2-3 hours so don’t forget to reapply it.

How to Maintain Volume Hair:

Hair Volume

Use a good volume shampoo to uplift your hair volume. Blow drying your hair after washing gives a very good volume to your hair. Avoid running finger through your hair as it generates oil in your hair making them greasy.

Moisturize Your Skin:

Moisturize Skin

For a healthy and glowing skin, keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Dry skin make your upper layer of skin peel off therefore always use a good moisturizer and drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.

Foundation Application:

makeup Foundation

The correct application of foundation is the key to a perfect makeup; always apply a good moisturizer before applying foundation on your face. Use a makeup brush for blending the foundation; never use your finger tips as it flakes away your skin.

Out of Nail Polish Remover?

nail polish

Every girl faces this issue almost all the time, running out of nail polish remover. Well here is a simple and easy technique to get rid of the nail paint. Just apply a neat coat of nail polish over the applied nail paint and remove it with a cloth.

These were some simple but really important tips to maintain and enhance your beauty. Follow these and see the difference yourself.

Do you want to look beautiful and elegant? Here are few of the beauty tips to nourish your beauty.

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