Home spa tips for this Ramadan

The advent of the Month of Ramadan ul Mubarak in the midst of summer can be pretty coarse for your daily beauty treatment. Throughout the month our effort is to utilize most of our time in prayers and conformity. Anything other than preparing food for a delicious Iftari late in the evening and reading the Holy Quran comes as secondary and that is why we often forget to indulge in beauty treatments or our daily spa ritual.

However it is essential to treat your skin and hair with special care in this scorching heat. Wouldn’t it be great to have a minimalistic routine for hair and skin care than is quick and much more effective for this month? Well here some essential tips that you can use for the month of Ramadan and maintain ample time for all your other chores:


With a little advanced preparation you can use your day nap times to actually improve your hair and skin. Since there is absolutely no water intake during the day it is essential to treat your skin and hair with a little hydrating treatment.

To maintain the natural oils of your hair try using a few tea spoons of jojoba oil or olive oil over your scalp. You can also hydrate your hair with aloe vera gel or hair mask. Once a week you can treat your hair with steam which is great for hydrating your hair.


For your skin, Orange peel scrub is the best for hydration and exfoliation. It removes the dirt and impurities and gives you a refreshing look. Plus it has an amazing smell. You can use the scrub during shower or before ablution. For body skin care, you can use peach and cream natural fruit treatment.

Mixed with the goodness of peach and the rejuvenating properties of cream, this body mask is best for a massage and gives you a glowing flawless body skin. Apply it all over your body before showering once a month and after the body masque sinks in for several minutes; remove it while gently massaging the skin all the way.


One can also use a little manicure and pedicure routine to keep you going. It is crucial to keep your hands and feet squeaky clean. Wash your hands thoroughly and apply a mixture of lemon, sugar and honey on your hands and massage it for five minutes. Rinse it off and see a remarkable difference. For a pedicure, soak your feet in cold water and treat them with a nice foot scrub.

After you are done, clean your feet and wrap them for five minutes in steamed towels to get a softer skin with no blemishes and beautiful feet. You can follow this routine thrice a week if you want or however you think right. By the end of Ramadan you would be all ready for Eid with radiant hair and amazing skin. Happy Ramadan.

Treat yourself with a few beauty routine tips this Ramadan to keep your skin and hair hydrated and beautiful.

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