Look Pretty With Smart Beauty Tips

Boost up your beauty with tips given here:

  • Skin Care Beauty Tips:

The first thing people notice in first look is your skin. So in beauty tips let’s first talk about skin. Your skin need proper and continues look after.

Do proper cleansing; choose your cleansing milk according to your skin type.

Exfoliation helps the skin to look brighter and young. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells. There are a lot of exfoliations are available in markets, however home made beauty tips are also available for scrub and exfoliation. Remember, never use a harsh exfoliation scrub and don’t rub your face. The good tip is just massage gently in circular movements. Avoid over exfoliation.

After exfoliation don’t forget to apply moisturizer. Use moisturizers according to your skin type. Moisturizer will give you silky feel.

Sleeping with makeup is harmful for your skin. Make your face free from makeup before you sleep.

  • Hair Care Beauty Tips:
  • Do oiling at least once in a week. Massaging and oiling will helps in blood circulation due to which your hairs will get proper nourishment.
  • If you have dandruff, the best beauty tip to get rid of dandruff is vinegar. Mix up 2 tbsp of vinegar in water, and massage your scalp gently. Then rinse out it. With regular use dandruff will disappear.
  • Cut out the split ends with in 3months. The easy tip to get rid from split end is, take some hairs, and twist them in downward motion, the splits end will automatically occur. Then cut these split ends with sharp scissor.
  • Avoid excess use of ironing and coloring.
  • Give protein treatment to your hair once in a week or in 2week.
  • Hand & Foot Care Beauty Tips:

Hands & Feet also need special care. Your personality will look more groomed with neat and soft hands & feet. You can do pedicure & manicure at your home. One of the best homemade beauty tips for hands & feet, take a lemon, sprinkle some sugar on it and scrub your hands and feet. Wash them and apply rich moisturizer. Do it on daily basis.

All the beauty tips will be useless if you are not having balanced and healthy diet. Intake of a lot of water is also necessary for healthier skin.

Every one is beauty cautious here. We serve a lot on our dresses, accessories & salon as well to make our beauty & style more attractive. However, by owning some beauty tips we can keep our beauty long-lasting.

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