Six Tips to Care for Your Hair During Monsoon

It is joyful to go into the rain and get soaked. What however needs to be known is that the rain effects the hair adversely and damages the hair. Repetitive soaking in the monsoon season along with the effect of humidity definitely is harmful for the hair and hair quality gets upset. To avoid the damage, remedies are necessary and the tips given here are necessary and useful.

1. The quality and type of comb- In the monsoon season, there are more winds and weather is full of moisture and humidity. That normally leaves your hair curled up and in tangles. To get rid of the curls and tangles, it becomes necessary to use a comb which is appropriate for removing the curls.

In this regard a wide toothed comb or a paddle brush is helpful and effective. Also available are tangle teasers which are specially designed and capable of removing tangles, both from wet and dried hair.

2. Use hair oil – By using oil on the hair in humid weather, you can obtain useful results. Make it a routine to oil and softly massage the hair once in a week. Coconut or olive oil can be used. A necessary precaution is that your hair are already weak, so you have to be gentle with the hair.

There is no need to massage vigorously. Another factor to be remembered is that oil should not be applied in large quantity. In-fact just use a small amount of oil and massage it on the scalp as lightly as possible.

3. Choose the right shampoo- Since the weather is so humid and sweaty you must try to keep your scalp as clean as possible. Avoid getting your hair wet in the rain as this may weaken your hair shaft making your hair weak and prone to breakage. Use a strengthening shampoo and conditioner to make your hair strong.

4. Keep the tight curls under control- In the monsoon months, the hair is bound to get curly. To avoid this make sure to use climate control or anti-frizz products in order to curb frizz and curls. Anti-frizz serums are a great and effective help. These leave the hair shiny and looking good.

5. Follow a proper hair wash routine- In order to keep your damage free during the monsoon you must follow a proper hair wash routine, like the one given here.

Soak the hair really well with water before applying any shampoo on the hair.

  • Wash with lukewarm water.
  • Gentle application is advised
  • Rinse properly

Conditioner may be spread throughout the length of your hair and then rinsed off.

6. Diet- Take care of diet and the suggestion is to incorporate food items like eggs, fish and nuts in the eating routine. These are rich in protein and iron. Walnuts too are very good for keeping your hair healthy.

In the monsoon humidity is high it make the scalp wet. So make your scalp dry. Do not get wet your hair in the rainy water.

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