Skinny Jeans Dangerous?

Skinny jeans have developed a huge fashion among the youth. Not only girls, boys are indulged in this sort of fashion. The skinny jeans, no doubt, looks great but many experts and doctors have clearly mentioned its dangerous effects to one’s health. The skinny jeans provides self injury.

The effects of skinny jeans vary from minor bacterial infections to leg numbness. They may also cause nerve compression due to the tightness. This is also known as ‘menalegia parenthetical’ in which the nerves fell asleep. Many problems like abdominal discomfort, back pain and heartburn are also caused by skinny jeans.

Due to wearing skinny jeans pressure on the abdomen can result problems such as digestion or heartburn, twisted testicles, low sperm count, bladder weakness, and urinary infections etc. Therefore, the better option is to avoid skinnier wearing all the time and alterations in appearances must be adopted otherwise skinny jeans are dangerous and can come up with the health warning problems.

Experts also suggest that the mostly people who wear skinny jeans feel numbness and impassiveness down their legs because of the contraction also known as “tingling thigh syndrome”, due to which pressure exerts on the thighs which disturbs the normal flow of blood and their thighs go to sleep when they don’t move or to stand up or sit for the long time.

Fashion does not mean to adopt such ways which are not comfy whereas it means something which is comfortable, trendy and makes one look elegant and beautiful. Although the skinny / tight denims are a major craze now-a-days as they form fitting and slimming appearance it gives to its wearer but have been the health hazard as well. As it is said that excess of everything is bad so wearing sometime a skinny jeans is fine but when having repeat occurrences then these skinny jeans are dangerous and can cause nerve problem and permanent health damage. The risks of severe suffering for the sake of fashion are several and to sacrifice and ignoring the comfort for style is not a better choice.

Last but not the least, one should wear enough skinny jeans which must not be completely uncomfortable and has room to move in the jeans easily. Clothing / apparel is something one do according to one’s own choice and taste and also to follow the trendy moods of fashion. Purchasing the comfy and correct size of jeans is also an important factor of buying.

Skinny jeans looks great as it is always in fashion. But the youngsters must always keep in mind the effects of skinny jeans before opting out for it.

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