Summer Makeup For Tanned Skin

Seasonal changes bring about lots of ins and outs in your daily wardrobe, makeup boxes, etc. Summer is the liveliest season of the year and the best days to be out and about, specially shopping, relaxing at the beach or just partying all night.

It is important to bring out the best in you and pamper yourself every once in a while this season so as to keep yourself and your skin accustomed to the scorching heat. All skin types, whether it’s oily, dry and normal or tanned needs a different type of treatment according to its moisture content, hue and adapted perfectly to the changing seasons.

Make-up, the love of every woman’s life, is to be chosen according to skin and color specifications. Tanned skin is a peculiar category that needs to be carried in a peculiar way as compared to other usual make up. Here’s a list of tips that will bring out the gorgeous side of your perfectly tanned skin this summer:

1. Foundation:

Summers can be quite humid. Therefore, it is important not to load your face with a lot of foundation that could look awful if you are all sweaty. Tanned skin needs matte foundation that is not very bright and not too dark. Just the neutral shade a bit towards the tanned side could be perfect for your skin tone.

Applying the foundation evenly, specifically on the T-zone area, behind the ears and on your neck is very crucial. Uneven skin tones because of the application of foundation on the face only and not the specified areas could make you look like a clown. Go for medium darkness and blend in with your skin thoroughly.

2. Eye Makeup:

Metallic eyes are the new "smokey eyes" this year and tanned skin looks perfect with silver-gray metallic eye color. Go for summery gold colors in the afternoons and complement your tanned tone with silver black or gray for the night time parties! Apply two coats of mascara perfectly to curl up those lashes and unleash the appealing side of you.

3. Nail Color:

Getting manicures and pedicures is a must this season considering all the heat that tends to destroy your perfectly shaped nails and cuticles. Flatter yourself with natural pink manicures. Essie Mademoiselle would be the best shade to bring out this elegant touch. Sugar Daddy on the other hand works to add that classic touch to your nails.

If you wish to step ahead of the neutral side then go for fresh metallic colors to win a great eye catching combo with your eyes and the tan on your skin. Metallic bronze is in the heat this season and nail art is the new fashion trend too. So, spend plenty of time on your nails women!

4. Lip color:

Lips can be the most eye catching and attractive feature on a woman’s face only if she manages to highlight it with the right colors. Undertones of brown and skin colors mixed with a bit of bronze can add wonders to your whole look. Even if you want a bit of a natural touch, go for light brown-ish pale pink colors.

Add a bit of sunscreen filled gloss or chapstick on top to protect your lips from the Ultra Violet Rays. Also, hit the shops to buy some light, natural shades that contain high SPF content.

5. Bronzer:

Shimmery bronzing powder can add the extra glow and glamorous look to your face. If you want to add a touch of red tint then go for cheek stains at Body Shop. Applying bronzer to the right areas though is the most imperative part of your face makeup so be sure to apply the bronzer, whether it is with a brush or just your fingers, on your cheeks (just above the upper jaw), forehead, and a very light touch to your T-zone.

Avoid too much matte make-up in general for the summer and go for light shades of every applicator whether it’s shopping or the beach you’re off to. Go for dark, shimmery shades in the night when you’re out for late night parties and dinners. Have a good make-over!

Summer brings harmful radiations and Ultra Violet rays that can wreak havoc on our skin in minimalistic timings. Everyone has a different skin type and this summer we're introducing a few makeup tips to accommodate perfectly tanned skin types.

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