Afreen Shiraz of Ellemint Pret Interview With Fashion Central

She’s an entrepreneur, a stylist and beautician. She is as talented as can. Yes, we are talking about the stunning Afreen Shiraz of Ellemint Pret and Ellemint Salon et Spa! Fashion Central pinned the stylish business-woman to share the secret recipe of her successful business ventures! Read on…

Q: What’s happening currently at Ellemint Pret and Ellemint Salon?

Ans: Year 2013 has been quite hectic as well as fruitful for House of Ellemint. The coming months are even busier. We will be completing three successful years of Ellemint Pret. To celebrate the same we are planning our 3rd anniversary celebration which will kick-start with a pre Eid exhibition in Ramazan.

And Ellemint Salon et Spa celebrates its 8th year providing its clientele with amazing packages and deals to enjoy summer pampering themselves.

Ellemint Pret plans to expand this year and launch its own brand which is very exciting for us. By the end of 2013, we are also hoping to diversify our two businesses.

Q: Many people enter the field of fashion and beauty and then fade away within a few years. What is the reason for this and how can you make sure that you stay on top of your game?

Ans: It’s extremely cut throat. One has to have strategies to stay on top of everything. My background and degree with Masters in Business Administration has helped me face the challenging market. I feel perhaps lack of education and experience could attribute to this fading away. Passion and commitment play a significant role as well.

Q: When did you first decide to set up Ellemint Salon et Spa?

Ans: Beauty and beauty treatments were always my passion since college-days. After attaining my Masters in Marketing and gaining experience by working in various sectors like banking, advertising, teaching, etc, I realised my true passion and decided to follow my dream. It started from a small space in the vicinity of Defence and my clientele grew with time.

Q: How many years have you put in now as a stylist/beautician?

Ans: I’ve given it almost seven years now. My ground training started from Karachi. For various hair, nails, skin training and methodology I went to Italy followed by Malaysia and Dubai. I attend regular refresher courses locally as well.

The philosophy behind Ellemint Salon et Spa is to pamper our clientele with the latest and best international products blending it with the right technology providing a professional, hygienic and an affordable experience.

Q: You ventured out launching a multi-brand boutique and display ‘Ellemint Pret’. What made you branch out in this particular arena of the fashion business?

Ans: It’s now been more than two years since Ellemint Pret was launched. During my salon days, I felt there was a huge demand from my clientele, relatives, friends and well-wishers to further add a Pret store to Ellemint portfolio making it a one-stop-solution for ladies – salon, spa, clothes, shoes and jewellery all under one roof. After a successful five-year spell of Ellemint Salon et Spa, fashion was my next destination. It just came very naturally and I went with the flow.

Ellemint Pret provides a platform for upcoming designers to showcase their creations. It encourages and promotes Pakistani fashion not only in Pakistan but abroad as well. We’ve had a successful exhibition in the US and plan to have many more arouaaaaaand the globe.

Q: What is the one outstanding feature of Ellemint Pret?

Ans: Ellemint Pret, like my salon/spa, is targeted for everyone. It’s an extremely affordable experience. Adorning yourself with designer wear and latest trends in fashion at prices you don’t have to give a second thought to, is what Ellemint Pret is all about.

Our prices are very attractive for the clients. Casual Pret starts from Rs.2500. We base our service on convenience. No hassles of going to tailors or for embroidery or embellishments. We provide the latest updated styles and designs. At Ellemint Pret we stay updated in international trends as well. Our designers give maximum value and consumer benefit for each product bought.

Q: How many designers are you stocking at Ellemint Pret? What is the criterion for making it to Ellemint Pret?

Ans: We have an exclusive fashion store stocking up to 25 designers at the moment. Our strategies are to ‘seek and promote’. I seek talent. We provide fresh designers a platform to showcase their creativity and take their abilities to the next level. Our process is simple. Email us your latest fashion shoot, show us a few samples and once selected – keeping in view the cuts, styles, utility and other values of production – we make sure we tell everyone about you.

Q: Advice for people about to venture in the fashion business?

Ans: Follow your passion with honesty. Be yourself, discover your talents and follow it with honesty. And success will follow. Last but not the least have faith in yourself. God helps those who help themselves!

Q: What is the secret of standing out in a crowded market where both designers and stylists are rampant?

Ans: Believing in oneself! Being a leader rather than a blind follower!

Q: What is your beauty regime?

Ans: Facials are extremely important to maintain a healthy skin. I cleanse every night and exfoliate twice a week. Sunblock is a must to prevent any UV/sun damage. It’s convenient to have a two in one product so your moisturiser can be your sun block too.

Q: Basic make-up tools you always have in your bag?

Ans: Make-up habits and tools differ for everyone, every taste. My must-haves include my favourite lipstick – as a matter of fact I only carry a lipstick in my bag!

Q: Your guilty pleasures?

Ans: Indulging in biryani whenever I can 🙂

Q: What are three most important things in a man that makes him a good companion?

Ans: Honestly, stability, reliability.

Q: Do you have any plans of extending your salon and designer outlets to cater to men?

Ans: Not yet. Dealing with men is a different ball game altogether.

Stylist and beautician Afreen Shiraz of Ellemint Pret and Ellemint Salon et Spa talks to Fashion Central in an exclusive interview.

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