Akif Mahmood Collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2012 Karachi Day 1

Akif Mahmood’s Collection at the fashion week was inspired by Pakistani traditions and culture such as the truck art and the centuries old tradition of Basant. Akif is known for his playing around with colors and he is simply brilliant at it. His speciality is to blend the east and west together. His collection is a superb blend of east and west. The colors and motives are very much eastern whereas the cuts are western making them look elegant and trendy at the same time.
The colors that Akif has used are mostly bright colors such as yellows, oranges and reds. Where colors are concerned Akif has also chosen navy blue as the base and has applied colors like orange, shocking pink and reds on it. The color combination was excellent giving life to all the outfits. There is an eccentric blue dress in the collection, the color is very much in fashion and looks superb with the Asian skin tone. This is the reason why he named this collection “Mast Patang” the inspiration behind is basant and the city of Lahore which is the most popular for Basant.
On many dressed Akif has used motives which are old buildings in the old city. These motives also give a Mughal touch since these buildings were from the Mughal era you can definitely taste the royal era. The cuts used by Akif Mahmood are very contemporary. On a yellow dress he has used a waistcoat which is electric blue and embroided. Jackets are also seen in his collection in which he has used navy blue velvet for the jackets and they are also embroided. There are dresses, skirts and jumpsuits as well but all of them are on the same theme. Akif definitely knows how to blend east and west. He has done a great job in keeping the traditions alive. The jewelry with the outfits also depicts the typical Basant days in Lahore with flowers blooming.

The PFDC Sunslik Fashion Week was ended with a finale by Akif Mahmood who is a young Pakistani designer who graduated only two years ago. His collection is eccentric, traditional yet contemporary.

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