Munib Nawaz DASH Collection at Pantene HUM Showcase 2019

Designer Munib Nawaz brings out the latest “DASH” collection at Pantene HUM Showcase 2019. His collection “DASH” is the connecting point that connects and hyphens words together. There’s a strong emphasis on things that are not being said, we are trying to say the most often misunderstood.

The mood of the collection is based on the 90s grunge era mixed with modern vibes. Slogans, Denims, plaids and stripes play a pivotal role in bringing this collection for the modern man who has roots in anarchy as well as conformity. This collection represents a style that works for the modern man who is as comfortable on the streets as he is in a boardroom. He dresses for himself and with effortlessness mixing juxtaposed pieces yet brings harmony to the overall look.

If you are looking for the DASH in your wardrobe or the DASH in your life, you will find the DASH here. If you are in a DASH state of mind.

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