5 Ways Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Everything requires care and attention, especially when we are talking about teeth. It is one of the major and sensitive parts of the body that requires attention and extra care. Teething is one of the painful process that every toddler passes through. Normally the child starts teething at the age of one year and if late it can lead up to three years.

First the front teeth emerge out and then the molars and pre molars. Usually the child had to suffer from temperature and irritation for this process. The child’s got cranky and panics a lot. It is a real stressful situation for the parents as the infant gets into the pain.

Once the teeth are grown, and then come the curial part. The maintenance and the care of the teeth, it is really important that the teeth are straight and balanced. It gives a perfect shape and the child once grows up the teeth look good too.

The care of the teeth should start from the first day, but usually parents neglect this fact as they think that child is too small for all the cleaning. This negligence of the parents leads to the cavities and the by the time child if of 4 years old or above, they have cavities in their teeth. This makes their tooth decay and hence, affects the maturity of the permanent teeth. Here are 5 simple ways to take care of the child’s teeth:

Start Early with Cleaning:

Early habbits

Usually parents are least concerned with the infant teeth, as they are white and too small to be brushed. Here is the lacking takes place. This act should be vice versa. The child’s teeth should be cleaned daily from the first day.

You can rinse the teeth or can use tethers to clean the teeth. Such items are easily available in the markets. Mostly, are designed in such a way that it attracts the child and it compels the child to take the tether in their month. Hence, it helps cleaning the teeth.



We all are aware of this activity. Brushing our teeth daily before meals are what we are normally told. Elder may follow the routine, but with the children especially with the age between 6-8 , the parents needs to make sure that the kid does brush teeth after meals.

Not only after the lunch or dinner but if the child has eaten any candy, chocolate or anything sugary they should immediately brush their teeth. Here, the parents play an important role. They are the ones to make certain that the child is regular with brushing the teeth. There are many types to the kid’s paste of different brands and taste. You can select as per your child’s liking.

Mouth Wash:


Mouth wash is one of the important items that prevent tooth decay. Introducing the habit of using mouth wash really helps to prevent tooth decay. Mouth wash that is easily available in the market is a fluid that reaches to the nook and corners of every tooth and removes the hidden food particles that enables to prevent the cavities. You can take the mint flavor; it not only helps in cleaning, but also keeps the breath fresh. It also prevents the bad odor of the mouth.

Rinse after Snacks:


Children are snacks fan. They want toffees, jelly, chocolates and all such tempting food items. Hence, these food items are stored in the teeth and causes cavities that makes the tooth decay. The pain is also caused due to the presence of such cavities. Rinsing is one of the major acts that every child should do after having such snacks.

Toddlers while Sleeping:

Toddler Sleeping

This is one of the important ways that parents could prevent any harm to the child’s teeth. Mothers usually give sugary milk or juice while the baby is sleeping. Hence, the food particle stays in the mouth all night and causes tooth decay.

These were a few of the important ways to avoid tooth decay of your baby. Health teeth are the sign of healthy diet and cleanliness hence make sure that you follow the above mentioned ways.

5 easy ways to take care of your child’s teeth. Follow the guidelines and have healthy teeth.

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