6 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Honey

Honey is naturally sweet. As a sweetener it can be used on the toast and even added to the milk plus desserts. Regarded as a gift of Nature and honey bees it serves to improve health and simultaneously act as the best friend of the body. Historically honey has been there since times immemorial and its use yields many health related benefits without complementing fat addition.

Research has proved that though honey is very sweet it simply does not result in weight addition. Infact honey is a power food that enhances health and helps in controlling weight.

Let’s tell you the health benefits of consuming honey.

1. Reduced Sugar Consumption

By consuming honey, a lot of calories are cut down. Interestingly a table spoon of sugar has 48 calories while comparatively honey has 64, yet honey does not harm in any way while sugar does. By depending on honey you manage to lessen the consumption of sugar and shred calories naturally.

2. Honey Heals Wounds

Honey serves to heal wounds and burns, well that is if the wound is not too severe. It certainly brings forth fast healing and simultaneously wipes out the scars. Components of Honey like hydrogen peroxide, antioxidants and other nutritional compounds work in combination   to build new tissues and thereby assist in wound healing.

3. Brings Energy Boost

The body needs carbohydrates for energy and Honey has enough of them to   speed-up the energy. Its all instant energy too as it has 80 nutrients.

4. Honey is a Cure for Cough and Sore Throat

It is a medication that cures sore throat and common cold. Honey possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that prove to be a quick solution to cough and cold especially for children.

5. Blood Sugar gets Regulated

The glucose and fructose in the honey are easily accepted by the body and thus the blood sugar level is easily regulated.

6. Improved Sleep

Rest at night is most important and honey has enzymes which calms our mind and resultantly the sleep gets better. The formula is to mix a table spoon of honey in warm milk and the magic happens; you sleep well and the energy level is high when you awake in the morning.

To make a positive and healthy difference to yourself you must include honey in the daily diet schedule. Within days you will notice the difference in health level.

Article about honey and its health benefits. It lists 6 ways that honey can improve your health.

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