Activities For Toddlers During Ramadan

Toddlers don’t need to fast in Ramadan but it does not mean that they are not allowed to take part in the celebrations of the Ramadan. It is beneficial for them to take part in Ramadan daily activities. Toddlers by taking part in Ramadan activities may acquire strong identity with Islam and virtue. Encourage your toddlers to get involve in Ramadan activities.

Toddlers Activities In Ramadan

There are some suggestions for you to involve your toddlers in Ramadan activities.

1.    Helping Poor

Islam has five pillars, 3rd one is Fast and the last one is Zakat. Set their activities in Ramadan to collect money for the poor in the form of the Zakat. Give them chance to collect it from the family members and teach them to give it to the poor. This activity may develop the sense of responsibility and brotherhood in your toddler.

2.    5 Pillar Model Of Islam

You can assign a task to your toddler as his Ramadan activity to prepare a model of showing 5 pillars of Islam. Help your toddler to complete the task. This activity will help your toddler to develop creative skills. Briefly tell about the 5 pillars and instruct him to add little decryptions about the 5 pillars.

3.    Involve Toddlers In Kitchen Activities

Ramadan is full of celebrations, everybody wants to put his role in these celebrations. Involve your toddlers in Ramadan activities, involve them in kitchen activities, assign them little and simple tasks, like to bring water for cooking, ask them to put trash in the garbage bin, ask to arrange the utensils, give them activity to clean the kitchen counters. There are so many little chores where you can involve your toddlers.

4.    Set Dinning Table Or Dastarkhuan

you can busy your todlers in arranging dinning table or the Dastakhuan for the iftar. Toddlers can set the spoons, glass, plates, cups, and dates for iftar. After iftar take their help in cleaning the kitchen and the dinning table. While doing all these little chores they feel that they are useful and have importance in the family and family affairs.

5.    Ramadan Wishing Cards

The Toddlers activities in Ramadan may include the task to create cards for the relatives regarding Ramadan. Ask to create Ramadan cards with Ramadan wishes for their friends, family members and for the relatives. They will definitely enjoy making Ramadan wishing cards. With such activity they will realize that how much Ramadan is important for the Muslims.

6.    Quran And Prayers   

When you recite Quran and offer prayers involve your toddlers with you. Try to give them the understanding of Quran learning and prayers. Give them short verses from Quran to learn and teach them that verse in simple way. Teach them how to offer prayers and what to recite in prayers.

Toddlers are not supposed to fast, but get involve them in the celebrations of the Ramadan. You can set Ramadan activities for your toddlers and assign them Ramadan daily activities.

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