Adoptive Parenting is a tricky business

There are a number of potential issues that are unique to adoptive parenting, some of which you will need to get ready for as your child gets older. You may want to prepare to address issues surrounding grief and loss if you want to do active parenting. There are studies that show that even infants can experience loss in adoption, so preparing to support your child as he or she identifies and copes with potential grief will be essential.

Other issues that adoptive parenting can face are issues surrounding the differences between parent and child. This can be especially complicated if there are racial differences or if you’re active parenting as a single parent. Often, the public at large will feel totally at ease with asking you personal questions about your family that may be insulting or offensive and may call your style bad parenting. Remembering that adoption is an educational process and that often, those asking have very little exposure can be an important tool in steering difficult discussions.

In the end, your day to day active parenting will likely be the same as anyone else’s and while it’s true you may face more scrutiny in public if you look different or you may face more questions from your child as they grow, the journey and joys of parenthood are equal, regardless of the method in which your family is shaped. Keywords: active parenting, adoptive parenting, bad parenting

Adopting can be a very tricky business but good parenting can make that a cup of tea. When you adopt a child you should try to give the child his space and time to adjust to the new surroundings.

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