Best Ornamental Grasses

A garden is a place that gives you freshness, liveliness and tells a lot about the beauty of the nature. The trees and plants of garden look pleasant to eyes and refresh our mind and soul. The chirping of birds and rustle of leaves sounds melodious. All these things are very close to nature so one should add to its beauty through decorating a garden with new ideas. Through Ornamental grass decoration you can maximize the beauty of your garden.

Ornamental grass is very popular in gardens for the past few years. There are different categories of ornamental grass that are based on their growth form. The ornamental grass decoration provides eye catching beauty to your garden due to its graceful movement in the breeze. The movement of large clumps of ornamental grass seems very peaceful and attracting. Here are some best ornamental grasses for you to decorate your garden with.

• Blue fescue

Blue fescue Is the most attractive ornamental grass. Its thick blue tufts grow about 10 inches high that look outstanding in the garden. Its blue color is the chief characteristic of its beauty. It usually grows in bright sunlight and well drained soil. Hurry up and get your garden be decorated by the fabulous blue fescue ornamental grass.

• Switch grass

This ornamental grass grows up to 4 to 5 feet tall like a fountain. The color is quite attractive light green with wheat colored ends. It looks very beautiful when contrasted with broad leaves and colorful flowers. Its tall height is the main cause of its popularity. This ornamental grass decoration will give your garden a unique look.

• Blue oat grass

It is one of the beautiful ornamental grass that can be grown alone or with other friendly plants surrounding it. It does not need much water that is why can be grown in any area of the garden. This ornamental grass grows up to three feet tall and its blue foliage grabs the attention of everyone.

• Feather reed grass

Those who like tall grass must give a try to feather reed grass that grows up to five feet high and can make great looks in your garden during winter time in special. The feathery pinky flowers bloom on this ornamental grass in June and by winter the color changed into wheaten color.

Due to their light weight, the can easily move with the light wind adding beauty to your garden. This ornamental grass decoration is ideal for your garden.

• Gold meadow foxtail

This ornamental grass usually grows in summer and its blades vary in color that looks beautiful in the garden. Its grows up to twelve inches high with yellow or green with yellow that results in golden grass and would be perfect ornamental grass decoration. You must give it a try because it will give your garden a golden look and enhance its beauty.

• Big blue stem

This ornamental grass grows four to eight feet tall with blue green steams. This is a bunchgrass whose blue color fades to maroon in the fall. The ornamental grass decoration will give your garden a chic look and eye catching beauty when it surrounded with colorful flowers.

• Japanese blood grass

The red blood ornamental grass can rock your garden, especially for those who love red color. It is the color of love that can also enhance the beauty of your garden. This grass can grow up to 2 feet and can tolerate any kind of soil. Ornamental grass decoration suggests the Japanese blood grass best for the beauty of your garden.

Decorating home and garden is an art indeed. Grass is the most important part of any garden. Grass must be decorative and beautiful that looks pleasant to eyes. Ornamental grass decoration will definitely add to the beauty of your garden.

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