Healthy Drinks for Ramadan

Ramadan is just around the corner and Muslims all around the globe are getting all set for the Ramadan happenings followed by Eid festivities. Ramadan is a month of blessings and lots of religious activities. In order to keep you fit and active for all these activities, eating and drinking right in Ramadan is a must. This Ramadan, focus on healthy drinks is being put more because Ramadan is coming in the peak summer month of July and healthy drinks are just a great way to beat the heat and keep you hydrated during fasting. Here is a list of top 5 healthy drinks for Ramadan.


Milkshakes are one of the best healthy drinks for Ramadan. They are wholesome and full of energy. You can opt for any sort of milkshakes in healthy drinks for Ramadan but make sure that you put in a good amount of milk, sugar and your favorite fruit. Luckily, this Ramadan, mangoes are something which will be available widely, therefore, in healthy drinks for Ramadan, put mango milkshake as a priority. Not to forget, in healthy drinks for Ramadan, there is nothing more ideal than a date shake for sure.

Saffron Milk

For Sehr time, mark saffron milk as the top priority in healthy drinks for Ramadan. It glass of hot milk with saffron at Sehr will give you instant energy which will help you in coping with the long day ahead. Saffron milk in healthy drinks is great for all those who are weight conscious too. It is one of those healthy drinks which will keep you energized and fit for all kinds of activities.

Strawberry Smoothie

Another great way to quench the thirst and save energy during the month of Ramadan is to have a glass of strawberry smoothie as part of healthy drinks for summer. It is full of nutrients, yummy and you will definitely feel a lot relaxed after it. Also, make it for your family and serve them as a great favor from healthy drinks for Ramadan.

Caffeine Drinks

In Ramadan, for healthy drinks list, it is preferable that you avoid too much of tea or coffee as it makes you urinate more often and you will be dehydrated soon. But if you ought to take caffeine kick and need it as part of healthy drinks for Ramadan then opt for iced tea. If you want to enjoy cup of tea or coffee then have it an hour late after Iftar as it will be more effective as healthy drinks for Ramadan. Moreover, you can also opt for cold coffee with ice-cream at the time of Iftar. It is surely a great option in healthy drinks for Ramadan.


Lastly and most importantly, the king of all healthy drinks is and will always be water. You cannot deny the importance of water intake ever and it gets more important to focus on water intake in Ramadan. Therefore, make sure that in healthy drinks for Ramadan, you don’t forget to take water and maintain your intake of 7-8 glasses a day in some way or the other. It is the excellent regulator for your body.

It's time to plan a diet chart for the hot and long Ramadan this year. Healthy drinks play a very important role in keeping body hydrated and full of energy in Ramadan. Therefore, milkshakes, hot milk with saffron, iced tea, smoothies and water, the king

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