How to Be a Good Parent This Eid

Eid is the time when the whole family gets together, shares happy moments, visit each other’s places and make it a memorable event. Some years back, Eid used to be the much awaited festival of the year, may it be Eid-ul-Fitr or Eid-ul-Azha, people used to have the most amazing time at Eid. With the changing times, the charm of this religious festival has decreased to a great extent and people take it as a duty to celebrate Eid.

Eid is celebrated, but with unwillingness in the attitudes. This major problem is present in kids a lot. The kids’ behavior on Eid is not at all welcoming and they usually don’t want to meet up with their relatives. Parenting your kids on Eid and telling them how to behave appropriately is not such a big deal. All you have to do is follow certain steps and your kids will enjoy their Eid as much as you do!

Usually the kids’ behavior on Eid is that they don’t feel like waking up early, dressing up and meeting the guests. If the guests arrive, they show complete unwillingness in leaving their rooms and meeting the guests up. The problem here lies in the parenting. Parents should explain to their kids how important it is to meet with people and greet them, especially on Eid. Parenting kids should not be done in such a way that the rude and harsh words said by the parents make the kids even more annoyed with the festival, let alone the parents!

Eid brings with itself lots of happiness and parenting your kids in such a way that they know this is the key to good kids’ behavior on Eid with others. You can start by giving them incentives. Tell them that meeting the relatives is important and if they do it, they will be given a chance to invite their friends over for Eid. In this way, you can give your kids some space which leads to good parenting. Host parties at your house and keep your kids busy by giving them chores on Eid so that they enjoy and feel the real importance of Eid.

Get your kids new clothes for Eid so that they enjoy getting dressed up. This is sure to bring about a change in kids’ behavior on Eid. Take them out for dinner or lunch so that they get to know the importance of good family time. Invite the whole family over, so that the kids can have fun with their cousins too. After all, good parenting will lead to good terms with your kids and is sure to bring about positive changes kids’ behavior on Eid too.

Ensure good parenting this Eid so that you don't have trouble with your kids behavior on Eid and enjoy the festivities of this gathering with your children. Following these simple steps will help you enjoy this Eid with your kids without forcing them to d

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