Muscle Weakness in Women

Muscle weakness in women is more common than in men. Women go through various procedures that tend to weaken their muscles. Women should keep taking milk from an early age because their muscles need a lot of strength. Women who lack vitamin c and calcium have weak muscle and often feel fatigue. The life of a woman is extremely hectic especially in the 21st century where they do not only have to take care of their home and kids but also work at the same time. Fatigue is another reason behind muscle weakness. Along with various biological procedures such as pregnancy there can be many other reasons behind the muscle weakness in women.

Thyroid is another common disease in women which causes muscle weakness. If thyroid is high or low both the symptoms cause muscle weakness, weight gain and lethargy. Women need to get their medical tests done on a regular basis. Vitamin D deficiency can also cause muscle weakness in women. Vitamin D deficiency can take place if you shun the sun, strict vegetarian diet and various milk allergies. There are Vitamin D capsules available in the market too if the deficiency take place but a natural way to overcome is a sun bath for 15 minutes every day.

In women muscle weakness can also be because of hormonal changes. If there is constant pain or weakness felt in the muscle it is strongly recommended to see a medical specialist and also get all the necessary medical tests done. Muscle weakness in women is a major problem and it needs to be dealt with very carefully. The diet should be perfect and the other deficiencies need to be overcome.

Muscle weakness is a common problem faced by many women. It is because of various reasons such as menopause, pregnancy, fatigue and other diseases. There are many things that can be done in order to prevent muscle weakness in women.

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