Tips on Decorating your Home

Decoration can enhance the ambience of your home. The changes not only freshen the environment, but give your space an appealing look too. But, making such pleasant changes is not easy, as not everyone possesses an aesthetic eye.

The first step to brighten up any space in your home is to go for the walls. Of course, if a particular color has been adorning them for years, you’re bound to get tired of it. So, give a different look by either repainting the walls in suitable colors or, if your pocket doesn’t allow that, adding additional colors to the already existing ones. The latest trend is to add two or more colors instead of only one. This combination can be darker or lighter than the already existing one. This is certain to make the surroundings lively and the atmosphere vibrant. However, test the combination of colors beforehand, as a mismatched color, like brown with yellow, can spoil the whole show. A practical method of testing colors is to put patches on the wall and view the combination from afar. This generally helps in getting the actual ‘feel’ of the color.

Another item that can enhance your home interiors are the mirrors. Although, mirrors are viewed with apprehension in both Feng Shui and Vastu, they can help infuse life, especially in the dark corners of the rooms. Since, mirrors are perfect reflecting surfaces; they help bring the sun into your home! This enables your home get illuminated in the daytime by natural light. Well, if you can afford them, by all means go ahead and buy them, but if you can’t, don’t worry, even old ones would do. So, dust off all the spare mirrors available in your house and try putting them across your windows or doors for an even light color distribution. The larger the mirror, the better would be the effect. To make the mirrors more aesthetically appealing, buy some pretty frames that need not be expensive. Match their design and color with your décor.

Curtains are not only needed for privacy, they’re the life of a room. They’ve an important say in aesthetics of the room too. So, it’s important to choose curtain shades that complement the tint of your walls. However, it’s not only the color of the curtains that give a dramatic effect to the room, it’s the material too. A rich material will certainly add to elegance and style. You can opt for door and window curtains and can even add them to the walls.

Flowers are the quintessential decorative items. And they’re the most easy to procure too. They not only give a dash of color to the room, but bring Mother Nature indoors! However, you’ve a choice of natural or artificial flowers. So, experiment where your flowers would look the best. One suggestion is to put the vase with a variety of flowers in a stunning flower arrangement on the center table. However, this arrangement can be placed anywhere, like on the bedside table, dining table, desktop, and the like. If you’ve opted for fresh flowers choose ones that can stay for days. You can match the color with the décor of the room too.

There is never an end to home decoration, simply because the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. However, a great tip to learn home decoration is to keep your eyes open wherever you go and observe the décor. You can also browse books on home décor to get ideas. A beautiful home not only looks nice, but appears welcoming too!

Decoration can enhance the ambience of your home. The changes not only freshen the environment, but give your space an appealing look too.

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