Charge Your Phone Using Hot Coffee or a Cold Drink with Epiphany One Puck

With the advancement in technology, novel inventions can be seen that benefit the world. You have seen the solar power, wind power and even water power for running many gadgets and machines but you will be surprised to see gadget that is run by heat technology power. This unique gadget is called Epiphany One Puck. Epiphany One Puck allows you to charge your phone and yourself at the same time. Isn’t it amazing?

This gadget is mobile power generator that can be used like a coaster for your hot and cold beverages. It is a novel coaster as it charges your phone free of cost at the same time. It’s a small coaster with a nice modern design in which a USB cable connects your device. You can charge your phone, iPod, MP3 player or anything that is USB powered to draw 1000 mA or less.

You don’t have to do anything just carry on working or resting or just enjoy your drink while this coaster charges your device.

You don’t need to plug into USB port or load up with batteries.

It’s a tiny and light weighed gadget having no wires and no batteries. When a drink is put on Epiphany One Puck, it draws and uses heat or coldness of the drink and generates power on its own. Epiphany One Puck is seeking backers on kick starter and you can reserve yourself a unit for 115 dollar.

Let us now see how this innovative gadget works.

There is a small stirling engine hidden inside One Puck Coaster. This stirling engine is powered by heat changes such as hot or cold drinks. You place hot or cold drink on the top and the heat disparities are turned into a charger (usable energy) using a stirling engine.

Do remember, Epiphany One Puck does not work with all drinks. It only works best with either very hot drink or very cold drink. It does not produce constant flow of electricity because as drink begins to lose its heat or chill, Epiphany One Puck also slows down.

This One Puck Coaster has many characteristics like it is a tiny gadget. It is small enough to carry anywhere you go. It can be used at home or outside and is best for travelers given its small size and light weight so that they are able to carry it anywhere they want.

It allows you to carry on your work as it carries on its work efficiently by charging your phone and on same time protects your desk from sweating off your drinks. Tablets and laptops do not charge when using One Puck due to large requirements of power now but the developer is considering large versions of device with great power output.

Epiphany One Puck coaster is really going to simplify your life in this mad hectic world.

Epiphany One Puck is a unique gadget that charges you and your phone at the same time. It is a small coaster with nice modern design to help you charge your phone. You just have to put your beverage whether cold or hot on the top of this coaster; it will

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