Air Drying is the New Blowout

Are you sick and tired of those too pretty and typical lose locks that you get from your blow dryer of flat iron? Here is something that can cheer you up. Gone are the days for the blow out and here comes air drying. Now what really is air drying? It is the hairdo achieved by using the easiest of products without any heat. You can get the most beautiful and natural looking hair by following the tips of air drying which has taken the place of the ever famous blow out.

In order to get your air dried hair look, here is what you need to do. When you take a shower and the hair is wet, do not dry it with towel and avoid tumble drying. Use an old cotton t shirt and dry your hair as that will prevent breakage. Turn your head over and move your fingers in between your hair.

Flip over and change the partition of your hair as that will create more volume, body and bounce one your hair is back in its original partition place. For an added air dried look which is also beachy, you can use some really good quality mousse or serum which gives beachy waves. Remember to use very little of it. Once your hair is dried, tie it in a braid. The braid gives the best ever air dried waves one you let your hair lose. 


The idea of air dried waves can be seen on many of the recent and upcoming ramp shows. Mostly, Victoria Secret’s Angels come up with air dried hair and look stunning. Air dried hair looks really natural and that is why we love it the most this season.

You can wear all the summery clothes and the hair can complement them so well. It is necessary that your hair is frizz free if you want the perfect air dried look so go for anti-frizz serums. Do not over comb your hair once it has been air dried as it will start losing its volume and the air dried look will not look perfect any more. 


The air dried look of your hair is something you can get away with at parties, work and almost anywhere. It might seem a casual kind of hair do but in reality it is the most preferred hairstyle this season. This summer season go bold and be different. Use the above mentioned amazing techniques and make the air dried look of your hair stand out. It is actually hard to tell if the air dried hair was done at home or from some kind of salon.

The old fashioned bounciness on the ends of your hair is not the thing any more. Try the air dried hair which are not at all difficult to make and can even be termed as the straight from shower look. You hair is not damaged at all as there is no unnecessary heat applied to them and neither are any wrong chemicals.

Air dried hair is our favorite for this season so go try them without much ado. Air dried hair is stress fee, heat free and so simple. Go for it and steal the show wherever you go. You are sure to look really gorgeous.

Excessive heat has been damaging our hair ever since we have started using hair dryers and flat irons. But there is good news. Read more to find out.

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