Bride Wars – Review

Bride Wars’, currently being ranked at #2 on US Box office, is a NOT-TOO-MUCH promising romantic comic chick flick by director Gary Winick.

 The story is about two all-time best friends Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) who share everything in common, even a common obsession since childhood– getting married. But, that’s not all; they both make it necessary that they have the PERFECT wedding at New York’s finest marriage location, the Plaza Hotel. Everything is planned, the dates are fixed, the wedding dresses have been decided, and the maids of honor have been chosen. Everything seems perfect expect for a hiccup in the way: Their June weddings get programmed for the same day, otherwise no date available for next three years! This is where it gets on the interesting mode. Since, neither of the two wedding fanatics agrees to give up to change their dream venue, the battle begins. And along come the pranks: Emma’s devastating day at a tanning salon where her skin becomes solid orange and Liv’s appointment at a beauty salon where her blonde curls are turned strangely blue.

Liv (Kate Hudson) is a successful lawyer who is a real spoilt brat and used to getting everything what she wishes to have. She has a perfect job and an ideal man, and in no way will she ever settle for anything less than perfect! Especially for a wedding she has dreamed of for years.

Emma (Anne Hathaway) is a schoolteacher who holds sympathy and care for others, instead of looking after herself. Until the day she discovers her dream wedding could turn into ashes, that is when she becomes a Bridezilla, not letting anything come in the way of her perfect wedding dream, not even Liv.

It seems predictable in many scenes and too stereotypical, yet has many interesting and amusing parts in it. If you find interest in two women debasing each other over a petty issue, then you definitely would enjoy this 90 minutes movie.

If you want to see two women going to desperate levels just to have their dream wedding taken place how they have planned, 'Bride Wars' is the movie for you

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